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What is a Pressure Relief Mattress

What is a Pressure Relief Mattress?

All the people who have switched to home care need to invest many expenses in buying the important things. These essentials are mandatory because they will help the user stay in comfort and recover quickly.

Almost every person under home care requires such products as the pressure relief mattress, hospital bed, and a firm mattress topper. Well, out of these three, people are very well acquainted with the two of them. Hence, the one that we will be explaining to you in detail has to be the pressure relief mattress.

Let us now get an insight into these mattresses!

What is a Pressure Relief Mattress?

A pressure relief mattress is intended to provide additional comfort to people who suffer from pressure sores due to constant stress on the pressure points. Many people have mentioned that when this pressure mattress is combined with a mattress topper, it does the magic for the sleepers in NZ. It renders a high degree of support for the body and head by relieving the trigger points.

The pressure relief mattresses vary from standard mattresses in the way that they include meticulously created air pockets. These are designed primarily to exert less pressure on the body's primary pressure points (back, shoulder, hip).

Here are four types of pressure-relieving mattresses that work in the best way to keep the patient at ease.

1.      Low Air Loss Mattress – Air Cells

2.      Static Mattress – Foam

3.      Alternating or Dynamic Mattress – Air Cells

4.      Crossover Mattress – Both Foam and Air Cells

If you have accompanied us till here, then make sure to stay with us as we further explain these to all our readers now.

1.      Low Air Loss Mattress

As the name suggests, these mattresses comprise air pockets for relieving the pressure without alternating (no inflation and deflation). Rather, they let the sleeper immerse in its depth comfortably without any pressure to the trigger points.

Low air loss mattresses effectively lower heat and sweat on the skin. All thanks to their combination of precisely placed holes in each air cell and the best permeable mattress top cover. This helps maintain the microclimate of the sweaty region of your body, which is yet another reason why no bedsores occur.

Low air loss mattresses are appropriate for people at high risk of developing a pressure ulcer or already having tissue damage. Spreading a nice latex mattress topper on this mattress is an amazing idea for the people of NZ.

2.      Static Mattress

Static mattresses provide pressure relaxation by using high-quality foam. Foam combinations are used, and a few are castellated with grooves to decrease strain and friction. The pressure care foam mattresses are appropriate for people at a low to moderate risk of getting bedsore. 

3.      Dynamic or Alternating Mattress

The dynamic or alternating care mattresses have tiny air cells that repeatedly inflate and deflate, driven by a pump/control device. As the cells switch, half of the cells collapse, and the pressure in that region is relieved. Since this is a continuous cycle, pressure release and movement occur in all places of the body. This is essential for lowering the likelihood of developing pressure ulcers.

The pricing of these mattresses might vary substantially, which does not always represent the level of danger. The cost of these mattresses depends on the material used to make the mattress, air cells, features and technology offered by the pump, and a variety of other factors.

4.      Crossover Mattress

Mattresses that are crossover or 'hybrid' contain a mixture of foam and air cells. With the inclusion of a control unit, they may be utilized in either static or alternate mode. Some hybrid mattresses are non-powered, relying on a system of self-adjusting cells activated by patient movement.

The crossover mattress can be much more effective when paired with the best quality mattress topper in NZ.

Hope that our information on the pressure relief mattress and its different types will help you understand whether or not this is the right option for you.

Icare Medical Group is here at your fingertips with a range of pressure mattresses, mattress toppers, and home care beds in NZ. Make sure that you check these out immediately and order the necessary ones for yourself. Read more....